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Photo booths for weddings and events!


Studio Orange is excited to offer a photo booth option for your Nebraska wedding reception or events! (Due to the expense of transporting equipment, photo booths are not available for any destination weddings / events.)

Photo booths are a fun way for your guests to interact with your wedding or event. They are also a great way to get photos of people who might otherwise shy away from the camera.

What is a photo booth?

A photo booth is a small station set up at your reception, party, or event where guests can come to have their portraits taken.

Studio Orange provides a photographer to run the booth and to urge your guests to participate. Guest can take a serious portrait if they want, but silliness is encouraged!

Props are provided, including message boards, simple costuming and other items to inspire nonsense, and you are more than welcome to provide your own props.

How many photos will we receive?

This really depends on your guests.

The success of a photo booth depends on how willing your guests are to participate. Make sure everyone knows you will have a booth available. For your wedding reception, you should have your DJ or someone else announce reminders to visit the booth.

One of the easiest ways to get people to participate is for you and the rest of the wedding party to grab a guest and head over to “break the ice,” so to speak. Due to the unpredictability of guests, Studio Orange cannot guarantee participation in the photo booth.

How do we receive the photos?

You’ll receive the high resolution images in the gallery with the rest of your wedding photos. They are perfect for posting to Facebook and tagging the antics of your guests.

With the Full Booth package, you will also receive images custom printed into a hardcover album.

Additionally, you or your guests will be able to order prints of any image taken in the booth.

At this time, Studio Orange does NOT offer on-site printing of photos, or instant access to photos.

What are the technical requirements of the booth?

Studio Orange needs approximately 10×15 feet of space for the booth itself. Also keep in mind that if the booth gets busy, there may be a line of people waiting.

Lighting for the booth is fully wireless, offering the best flexibility for the placement of the booth within the event space.

Please make sure that your venue can accommodate the necessary space and traffic.

How much does the photo booth cost?

Photo booth pricing is $800.

This includes the “rental” of the booth and props, a photographer to run the booth, the high resolution images, and up to 4 hours of coverage.

Additionally, Studio Orange offers a “budget booth” option for $500. This includes one hour of operation (for example, during cocktail hour).

A reservation fee of $400 is required for the date of your event ($250 for the “budget booth”), and the remaining balance is due on the day of the event. For wedding packages that include the booth, or when adding a booth to a package, your package fee will be adjusted accordingly to include the cost of the booth. Photo booths included with or added to wedding photography packages are discounted.

Can we customize our booth with a special background or props?

Please contact Studio Orange either with specific details of what you’re looking for or to set up a consultation.

I’ve already booked a photographer for my wedding. Can I still hire Studio Orange for a photo booth?

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is that you should check with your photographer to make sure they don’t have a non-competition clause in their contract that prevents you from hiring another professional photographer. If so, Studio Orange will require written permission from your photographer. Either way, it’s a courtesy to let them know that you’re interested in hiring another photographer to provide a photo booth.

Conversely, if you’ve hired another company to provide a booth for your reception, but still want Studio Orange to handle the main photography duties for your wedding, don’t worry.  Studio Orange has no problem with this arrangement.

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