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Pet Photography in Lincoln Nebraska | Brody, German Shepherd




I had two dogs when I was a kid, a black Miniature Schnauzer named Yoda and a Sheltie named Blazer. I also had a gigantic tabby cat named Tiger. One of the things I regret is not having any photos of them now that they are long gone.


As an adult, I adopted a goofy German Shepherd named Brody almost around the same time I took the plunge into professional photography. I made it a point to take photos of Brody, and now of my other pets, often -- even when they sometimes consider my lens to be some kind of giant, suspicious eyeball.

Now that Brody has passed on, I'm so glad that I have some high quality photographs of him. 

Pets are an important part of our lives and deserve being cherished and remembered in photos just as much as other family members and events.

Having great photos to remember them by is especially important with elderly pets or when we receive devastating news about their health. So with that in mind, here is my Pet Project, an effort to bring professional photos to pet owners at an affordable price (and in some special need cases, even for free). 

The BRODY Package


A professional photo session with your dog* that includes:

  • About 1 hour of photos (or whatever your pet can handle)

  • Professionally edited High Resolution images

  • Images delivered into an online gallery for you to share, download, and order prints.

  • Pets ONLY please. If you'd like a session with you and your pet, please go with one of my standard portrait sessions.

  • There may be an additional fee for multiple pets in the same session.

The GRETA Package

A Tip or a Donation

This package includes everything in the Brody package, but it is specifically for pets that are nearing the end of their lives due to advanced age or catastrophic illness.

These sessions are offered free of charge (depending on availability), but a tip to the photographer or better yet a donation to an animal rescue organization would be greatly appreciated.

* Really? Only dogs?? Well, no. I'll photograph any pet - dogs, cats, horses, iguanas, etc. Just so long as they can follow the rules below.


First and foremost, your pet must be non-aggressive and at least reasonably well-behaved enough to participate in a photo shoot.

I prefer to do the sessions in a public park or similar picturesque backdrop. However, if your pet is not likely to behave in such a setting and you have a nice looking yard, I am willing to come to your home for the session (within the city limits of Lincoln).

I may bring lighting equipment, tripods, or other tools to the session. However, please let me know in advance if your pet is unlikely to do well with such equipment.

I prefer to take the photos without a leash on your pet (so I don't have to edit it out later), as long as they can be controlled enough to not dart off. However, because Lincoln has a leash law for public spaces, your pet will need to be leashed in between photos. And if your pet is more comfortable / controllable on leash, then we'll just keep it on and work around it.


1825 S 23rd St


Thanks for getting in touch! I will respond as soon as I can.

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