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Scientists say time travel isn't possible. But when you're sitting in your grandma's house, photo albums piled around you, you don't believe a word of it.

You don't remember the first days of your life. But there you are, in a photo. Small, pink, and trying to decide between giggling like mad or screaming your lungs out. And there's mom, looking more beautiful than you've ever seen her. You wonder what it would be like to be standing right there in that room.

And there are all of the other moments of your life...

  • Photos of you dressed for your first day of school
  • That first trip to the beach
  • Learning to ride a bike, or your first car
  • Prom.

A photograph is a tangible window to a moment in time, an anchor for memories you never want to let go of. And that is never more important than on your wedding day. The time flies by so fast that it will feel like one minute you're getting into the dress or buttoning the tux, and the next your limo is whisking you from the reception at the end of the night.

Studio Orange specializes in wedding photography and portrait photography, and has a passion for creating photos for your own personal "time machine." With 14 years of experience photographing weddings, Studio Orange was named one of the top wedding photographers in Lincoln, Nebraska for the SIXTH year in a row.

Studio Orange offers a number of wedding photography packages for covering your day. The most popular and best value is $3294, with other options to suit most budgets. Please visit the Pricing Page for more information.

2019 top photographers in Lincoln, Nebraska Member of the Nebraska Wedding Vendors Association 2018 Best of Lincoln - Wedding Photographer category
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