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Marissa and Ryan at Roca Berry Farm
Amber and Nick's Epic Sunset Photo
Madalyn and Joe Engagement Session
Nicole and Matt at the Capitol Building
Brittany and Andru get married!
Engagement Session in Pioneers Park
Ashley and Kelly get married


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Studio Orange Photography is based in Lincoln, Nebraska and I specialize in wedding photography, senior portraits, and event photography. Although I primarily photograph weddings in Lincoln, Omaha, Nebraska City, Roca, and much of Eastern Nebraska, I will travel anywhere in the world for your event.


Although I've been interested in taking photos almost my entire life, I began photographing professionally in 2007. That makes me one of the most established and experienced wedding photographers in the Lincoln area. What does that mean for you? It means you can trust Studio Orange to be there for your Big Day and make your photography experience run smoothly.


Studio Orange has been named one of the top 16 wedding photographers in Lincoln, NE since 2016, and was named in the Lincoln Choice Awards in the Photographer category under Tying the Knot - twice.

I offer a number of
wedding photography packages to suit a range of budgets, and if you're getting married at either the Creekside Barn or Pioneer Barn at Roca Berry Farm, please check out the special packages I have available for you. If you're looking for senior photos, again, I have a number of packages to suit your budget.

And if you'd like to know just who the heck I am, feel free to Meet Your Photographer.

The Magical Powers of a Photograph...

They say that time travel is impossible. Yet when you're sitting in your grandmother's house, photo albums piled around, you don't believe a word of it.

You don't remember your first moments of life, but there you are in one of the albums, tiny and pink, and looking as though you can't decide between giggling or screaming. And there's mom, looking more beautiful than you've ever seen her.

All of the events of your life...

  • Your first day of school

  • Your first car

  • Prom

  • Your wedding day

A photograph is a tangible window to moments from your past. Moments you never want to forget.​

Studio Orange Photography specializes in Wedding and Portrait photography and has been helping clients build their own "time travel" albums since 2007.

Lincoln Nebraska Wedding Photography | Wedding Photography for all of Easter Nebraska
Senior Photos in Lincoln Nebraska | LPS Senior Photos


For all personalities of Seniors.

Engagement Photographer in Lincoln Nebraska USA


For special moments of just the two of you.


1825 S 23rd St


Thanks for getting in touch! I tend to respond quickly, so please check your spam folder if you don't hear from me!

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