Studio Orange takes your health and concerns over the recent outbreak of COVID-19 very seriously.

This page will give you some information about COVID-19, some best-practice recommendations, and Studio Orange policies as they relate to this pandemic.


What is COVID-19 and how worried should you be?

COVID-19 is a virus in the Coronavirus family. What makes it of particular concern is that it's what is called a "novel" virus, which means it is brand new and no one has an immunity to it. This is what is allowing it to spread so fast.

The good news is that for most people, COVID-19 won't really pose much of a danger. For the average person, there's a pretty good chance that, even if exposed to the virus, they will never develop any symptoms from it. For those that develop symptoms, it'll most likely just feel like a seasonal flu.

The people who are most in danger from this virus are the elderly. It is also a threat to anyone with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, compromised immune systems, or other serious health issues. So the important thing is to try to minimize exposure as much as possible to those who are most at risk.


Is this serious enough to consider cancelling your wedding or postponing your plans?

As of March 16, 2020, the Center for Disease Control has officially recommended that any social gathering, including weddings, of 50 people or more be cancelled or postponed for a period of 8 weeks.

This will disrupt wedding plans through about the middle of May 2020.

But what to do if your event is later in the year? Should you consider cancelling?

Honestly, barring any sort of extension of recommended bans on public gatherings, this is mostly going to come down to a personal choice.

However, if you've already booked your vendors, I would recommend holding off on cancelling. For one thing, it may not be necessary, depending on what date you have planned. Hopefully the drastic measures going on now will help things get back to normal by summer. Also, given that so many others with weddings in the months of March, April, and May are now being forced to reschedule dates, if you cancel your summer, fall or 2021 date now, it's very likely it will be booked to one of these already displaced clients, making your efforts to reschedule not only potentially unnecessary, but also very difficult.

The best thing to do is to remain in communication with your vendors to see how they are dealing with the situation and what options they might have for you if social gathering restrictions are extended.

If you haven't already, I would recommend looking into an insurance policy for your wedding. This is simply a good practice anyway, as it can help protect your financial investment through a whole host of potential problems.

When planning to go ahead with your wedding, there are a few extra things you can do to help keep you and your guests as safe and healthy as possible:

  1. Stay in contact with your guests and family members. If you've already sent out and received RSVPs, maybe consider sending out a second round to those who are coming in order to confirm their plans.

    When writing your invitations and RSVPs, encourage guests to stay home if they aren't feeling well or feel there is too much risk to their health. Let them know that as much as you would like for them to be there, their health is more important.

  2. Look into options for guests to experience the day even if they cannot attend. For example, the Creekside and Pioneer barns in Roca, NE are working on installing cameras so that couples can live stream the wedding day.

  3. It might be wise to forego some wedding traditions, such as the receiving line after the ceremony.

  4. If your venue has outdoor options, consider having as much of your day outside as possible (weather permitting, of course), where guests can spread out more.

  5. Consider plated meal options instead of a buffet line. Or if you're going with a buffet, check with your caterer to see if there are options to have their staff serve the food in order to limit the handling of serving utensils. Similarly, if you would like to have a snack station, consider using pre-packaged snacks, so guests aren't handling serving scoops.

If you're still working on planning your day and want more ideas for how to still have the wedding of your dreams in these upcoming uncertain months, contact Shelly at Event Design. She can help you plan a perfect and safe day!

In the meantime, Studio Orange intends to continue shooting weddings and creating magical photos for couples.