The following are some of the fees / costs that aren’t specifically photography or product related.


Studio Orange will gladly travel anywhere in Lincoln or Omaha, or within 30 miles of Lincoln, at no additional expense to the client. Travel expenses beyond 30 miles shall be the responsibility of the client.

Fees for driving distance will be determined based upon current Standard Mileage Rates.

If air travel is required, client shall be responsible for not only airline fees, but also for transportation while at the destination (either rental car or taxi services). The client shall only be responsible for airline fees for an assistant/second photographer if an assistant/second photographer is part of the selected package.


In the event that overnight lodging is required, client shall provide hotel accommodations within reasonable distance from the event. If an assistant/second photographer is part of the selected package, the client will need to make sure accommodations are appropriate for two people.


When 6 or more hours of coverage is booked, Studio Orange appreciates your cooperation in making a meal allowance for the photographer and assistant/second photographer with your catering service. In the even of travel requiring and overnight stay, the client will only be responsible for a meal during the event.

Additional information:

The time necessary to set up or tear down equipment is NOT billed.

Reasonable travel between venues (for example, from the Church to the Reception hall) is not billed.

At the photographer’s discretion, any session time may be extended without any additional fees.

Client-requested time extensions will be billed at a rate of $350 per hour (in full-hour increments).