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Pinup Photography Special

So, I love shooting weddings. You guys know that. Or you should. But do you know what else I love? Fun photo shoots. Like pinup-style photos. What could be more awesome than getting dressed up in your favorite (or newly …

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Studio Orange shoots the blues… (or Ben’s senior photos)

Look. I know. There hasn’t been an update to this blog since dinosaurs walked the Earth. Thing is, it’s been busy around Studio Orange land. And I have about a billion and 37 weddings to show you. But you can’t …

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2010 Retrospective – Part 8

Photo 8: “The circus is over, folks…” Taken on August 8, 2010 Pop quiz:  What kind of portrait sessions are my favorite? If you answered anything other than “themed ones” you fail.  Study my photos and try again. One of …

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