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Cheap Vendors Aren’t Killing the Industry. You Are Killing Yourselves.

I have 11 years in as a wedding photographer. Before that (and for some time during), I was a graphic designer. These are two industries which are full of independent contractors. They are also two industries full of people who …

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The Flaky Photographer

(Or how to hire a professional wedding photographer…) I photographed my first wedding in 2007. At that time, stories of photographers who canceled or otherwise flaked out on a clients were rare. They were the hushed whispers of legend. Campfire …

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Why I Don’t Base Wedding Photo Packages on Hours

Some things are inevitable: The sun will rise in the morning. Someone, right now, is offended about something on Facebook. Every guest to my house will get a German Shepherd nose in an inappropriate spot. And…every few weeks a wedding …

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