Studio Orange one of the best in the area!

The other day I woke up to the nice surprise in my inbox.

But let me back up. I don’t really pursue awards all that enthusiastically. It’s not that I don’t want the recognition. Rather, I feel there are better ways to spend my energy. Like making great photos for my clients.

Even so, being recognized is pretty cool.

I found an e-mail telling me that Studio Orange Photography had been recognized as one of the top 20 wedding photographers in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Expertise, the company who put this together, apparently scoured all of the wedding photographers they could find for the Lincoln area – more than 250 of them. Then they narrowed it down to the 20 they felt were the best.

It’s a bit astonishing to think that anyone has to wade through more than 250 options when looking for their wedding photographer, but that’s the state of the industry these days.  It’s almost like the instruction manual says “Step 1: unbox your camera; Step 2: Open a business.” And 250 is just the ones Expertise found. I’m pretty sure as I write this that 3 more photo business pages on Facebook were created.

One reason I generally don’t put a lot of effort into pursuing awards is exactly that: pursuing them. A lot of “Best Of” awards depend a lot on votes. They become less about who actually offers the very best service, and are more about what companies are better able to get people to vote for them. A smaller company doesn’t stand a chance merely because it’s small. For example, I’ve seen a local grocery store chain awarded as the best caterer solely because they have the largest customer (voter) base, not because they actually provide the best food.

This company, Expertise, independently put together their list. They came to this website, read through my blogs, looked at the photos, and looked up reviews.

And still I was named one of the top 20.

Also, looking through the list, I feel pretty good about it. Were I to put together a list of the best wedding photographers in Lincoln, I think my list would look pretty similar to this.

All in all, validation feels pretty cool. And congrats to all of the other photographers who made the list, too!

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