2010 Retrospective – Part 8

Photo 8: “The circus is over, folks…”
Taken on August 8, 2010

Studio Orange | Lincoln Nebraska Wedding and Portrait Photography

Pop quiz:  What kind of portrait sessions are my favorite?

If you answered anything other than “themed ones” you fail.  Study my photos and try again.

One of Sam’s best  friends, Sarah, came to Nebraska for a visit.  One thing she wanted was to play dress up and do a photo shoot.  Who am I to turn that down?

Sarah and Sam put together a couple of themes.  One was 1940’s victory roll glamour.  The other was vaudeville burlesque.

This is Sam.  And Sarah.  Yes.  I cheated on this one and included two photos.  If you really feel cheated by this, let me know.  I won’t do anything about it, but I would like to know.

We were in the Creamery Building in downtown Lincoln.  It’s a great building and  the business owners inside are graciously accommodating to my photography antics.

We had a fantastic time.  And generated more than one odd stare, too.

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