Marcia + Jeremy

Marcia and bridesmaidsOn August 28, I had a great time shooting the wedding of Marcia and Jeremy.

Of course, this blog entry is a few weeks late from that event.  But that’s what happens when, following three great weddings in a row you decide that in your down time you’re going to both catch a cold and throw your back out.  There’s nothing like excruciating pain to keep you from sitting at the computer for the hours necessary to process the photos.

Enough of my problems, though.  I’ll get over the back pain.  In the meantime, here’s a preview shot of Marcia from the formals session.

One of the things you can always count on with weddings is that element of semi-controlled chaos.  Or to put it another way, ever-changing plans.

We were originally going to do a fairly standard schedule for the formals, but a sick child threw a bit of a twist on things. The poor kid was having a bad reaction to a shot he received the day before and really needed to go home.  So, we threw the schedule out the window and improvised, getting as much of the family stuff done as quickly as possible.

Although we didn’t get to follow the original plan, we still had a lot of fun and got some great stuff.

Also, did I mention that I wound up shooting this wedding on the day of the annual zombie walk in Lincoln?  They didn’t set the date for the walk until after I booked the wedding and I was a little bummed to miss it.


Because Marcia and Jeremy are such an awesome couple, they felt bad about me missing the carnage and got me a zombie gift bag, complete with a bag of fake blood candy.

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