Why I Love Wedding Photography

The other day I mentioned on a forum that I’m a wedding photographer. Seconds later, someone responded: “I’m sure that pays the bills, but what kind of photography do you REALLY want to do?

Wedding photography gets a bad rap.

Some photographers like to kick it around. Others pat it on the head, like that little brother they tolerate. It’s treated like the low rung on the ladder of photography.

I think that’s messed up.

Look, I like a ton of different types of photography.

Candid portraits. Artsy portraits. Photo journalism. Still lifes. Macro. Event photography.

All of it appeals to me.

And a typical wedding day has all of that and more. So that right there is cool.

Add in people dressed in awesome clothes, brides with professional hair and make-up, and people generally having one of the best days of their lives.

Oh, and there’s cake. Can’t forget the cake.

Ok, ok. It’s work, too. Lots of work. By the end of the day I’m pretty wiped. And then there’s all the stuff I have to do before and after, too. I have a lot of late nights of photo work.

So it’s not just all a party.

But it’s never boring. And so far, never not fun.

You know what else? I have awesome clients. Every one of them. Maybe they won’t all become my best buds, but I can genuinely say that every one of them have been awesome people that were fun to get to know.

Also, I’m the guy that’s never satisfied. I always want to do better. Weddings are perfect for that. Unpredictable things happen from wedding to wedding, but the basic format stays the same. So it’s up to me to push myself. To try new things. To force myself to get better.

And I feel like every wedding I shoot is better than the last.

Every wedding is an opportunity to make myself a better photographer. To better relate to my clients. To do things a better way.

So for the haters that gotta hate, I’m just gonna keep doing my thing. Keep growing as a photographer. Keep meeting cool people.

And loving every minute of it.

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Carla, Chad, a Farm, an Engagement (and a sunset)

It’s weird, you know.  How things work out, that is.

I really wanted to do an engagement session on a farm. Then all of the sudden I got one.

But fate wasn’t done because not long after that, along comes Carla and Chad.

Turns out Carla’s parents own a farm in Burchard, Nebraska, about an hour or so away from Lincoln.  Would I be willing to drive out there for their engagement session?

To shoot on another farm?

Heck yes!

So we meet up in early September. It’s not too hot. Not too humid. This time, instead of mosquitoes the size of Buicks, we just had an actual old Buick.

Carla and Chad, despite professing nervousness in front of the camera, act like old pros.

I lose a lens cap. And then randomly find it in the grass later.

All in all, it was a good day.

Still with me?


So you know those post-credit scenes that are mandatory for every comic book movie now? Yeah. This is kind of like that.

What happened was I finished for the day. Driving home and starving. Sun is going down. The sky has that “look.” If you live in Nebraska, you know what I’m talking about.

It’s gonna be one of those sunsets.

To paraphrase The Cars, should I stop or should I go?

Come on. If you know me, you know I stop.  My empty stomach can wait. There are photos to be taken!

Kind of wish you guys could have seen me. Pulled over to the side of the road. Standing on TOP of my truck, with the tripod. Snapping away like I don’t care. Because I don’t.

Here you go…

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  1. Chad

    Awesome Robert, nice work. When I got to that sunset I said “holy crap”. Can you superimpose us in there? haha. Thanks again.


2012 Love on the Run – PREVIEW

It’s that time of year again, folks.

Ok, look. I know that some of you out there probably are all cynical about Valentine’s Day. Even if you’re ridiculously in love, you maybe hate the commercialization.

Me too. Love isn’t about a one-day-a-year-get-out-of-the-dog-house-free card. You get it. I get it.

You know who else gets it? Porridge Papers. Every year they host Love on the Run. This is year number 5. So what makes Love on the Run different? Well, for one thing, it’s free.

Yes. Free.

Volunteers, sponsors, donations, and the hard work of the employees of Porridge Papers make this event happen. And it’s pretty cool.

You come in and type a note on an antique typewriter. Put it in a bottle, then into a bag. Oh, and you can stick an awesome little instant photo in with your note, too, courtesy of The Leekers Photography. Then come Valentine’s Day, Porridge Papers Volunteers — excuse me, valenteers — will hand deliver your note.

It’s a cool way to say something meaningful to someone you love.

Oh, and before we get to the preview photos, like I said above: this thing is FREE! Want to help keep it free? Check out the Love on the Run site and find out how you can donate.

That’s it. On with the photos. No shop kittens were harmed during this photo shoot (despite attempts to eat the decorations)…

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