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2010 Retrospective – Part 9

Photo 9: Mallory and Tim, commitment ceremony Taken on August 21, 2010 9 billion degrees of sticky hell. That about describes August in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It may not be exactly like living on the surface of the sun, but that’s …

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And we want a shot of the “groom rolling his eyes while the maid of honor makes a weird face.”

Recently, a wedding photography forum featured a discussion sparked by a wedding shot list. The “shot list” is a checklist of the people and events that need to be photographed on your wedding day. Your photographer uses this as a …

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Marcia + Jeremy

On August 28, I had a great time shooting the wedding of Marcia and Jeremy. Of course, this blog entry is a few weeks late from that event.  But that’s what happens when, following three great weddings in a row …

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