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Photographing the wedding of a hot couple on a cold day in Nebraska City

You guys know I photograph weddings, right? Duh. How about I say something more obvious. Well, did you know I sometimes blog about the weddings I photograph? Of cours–Wait… WHAT?!? I know. Look, we all are aware of the fact …

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Melissa and Isaac | Wedding | Lincoln, Nebraska

I first “met” Melissa via Skype. Unorthodox for a meeting, but what are you gonna do when your client doesn’t live in Nebraska? So our first conversation takes place sort of in my office. Now, you have to understand that …

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Will + Jessica… The Wedding

When last we left our intrepid couple, they were stuck in the mud and playing with chickens. Now it’s the big day. And with the mud cleaned up and the chickens put away, it’s up to me and my assistant, …

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