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2012 – Year in Review

It’s that time of year. The time when I realize how crappy I am at updating this blog. No, wait. I realize that pretty much all year ’round. It’s that other time. When I post some of my favorite non-work …

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2011 Love on the Run!

Porridge Papers 4th annual Love on the Run kicked off Friday night. Doors opened at 5.  Closed at 9.  They practically had to turn people away at the end of the night. They had a guitarist.  A harpist.  A photo …

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2011 Love on the Run PREVIEW!!!

So, are you the cynical type that thinks Valentine’s Day is just a trumped up hoax perpetuated by candy makers and florists? Porridge Papers wants to change your mind. It’s time for their annual Love on the Run Valentine’s day …

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