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2010 Photo Retrospective

Turned out to be a rather busy year for me.  Ironically, it was also the least productive as far as personal photography projects went.  You win some, you lose some. This site really started to come into its own in …

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The Friend Imposition

You’ve gotten engaged. Congratulations!  It’s the happiest of times! Except that now you have 1,784,261 details to manage between now and the Big Day. You secretly hope the “through sickness…” clause of your vows covers nervous breakdowns. Soon after discovering …

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Keeping the Fun

I love it when my camera surprises me. Recently, I started “free lensing.” Sounds questionable, I know, but stick with me for a second. Take your lens. Remove it from the camera. Hold it in front of where it mounts.  …

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