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2010 Retrospective – Part 4

Photo 4: Marcia and Jeremy – E-session Taken on March 6, 2010 In my mind, photography and experimentation are synonymous. Whether it’s trying something completely new, or just new to me, it’s the ability to experiment that keeps me passionate. …

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2010 Retrospective – Part 3

Photo 3: “Porridge Papers 3rd Annual Love on the Run” Taken on February 13, 2010 I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  I know. Blasphemy.  I’m a wedding photographer, fer gossake! Hear me out.  Romance, I’m all about.  I just …

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2010 Retrospective – Part 2

Photo 2: “Capitol in the Mist” Taken on January 20, 2010 The winter of 2009 / 2010 in Lincoln, Nebraska was a particularly nasty one.  Snow dumped onto the city in the beginning of December and didn’t go away until …

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