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Choose Your Photographer the Right Way

Let’s talk about how to choose your photographer.* Here’s the ideal: You find the photographer you love, money’s no object, done deal. The reality? Very few of us have unlimited resources. Suddenly your years of playing resource management video games …

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The Friend Imposition

You’ve gotten engaged. Congratulations!  It’s the happiest of times! Except that now you have 1,784,261 details to manage between now and the Big Day. You secretly hope the “through sickness…” clause of your vows covers nervous breakdowns. Soon after discovering …

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And we want a shot of the “groom rolling his eyes while the maid of honor makes a weird face.”

Recently, a wedding photography forum featured a discussion sparked by a wedding shot list. The “shot list” is a checklist of the people and events that need to be photographed on your wedding day. Your photographer uses this as a …

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