2011 Love on the Run!

Porridge Papers 4th annual Love on the Run kicked off Friday night.

Doors opened at 5.  Closed at 9.  They practically had to turn people away at the end of the night.

They had a guitarist.  A harpist.  A photo booth.  And yours truly, wandering around sticking my lenses in peoples’ faces. I had an opportunity to get to know The Leekers a little bit more.  They are also wedding photographers in Lincoln, and from what I can see, very talented.  Friendly, too.  I’ll happily refer anyone to them if I’m not available.

By the end of the night, over 60 bottles of love notes were created.  The significance?  I hear that’s more than the entire first year of the the Love on the Run Event.  And as I write this, there are still 2 more days to come in and make love notes!  (Please see the update at the end of this post…)

I’m about to head out the door for more Love on the Run photos, but here’s some of the fun from last night:

Update:  Love on the run is now officially over!  Over 360 love notes were written!  Studio Orange spent all day Monday helping to deliver!  And now there are a ton more photos to go through!

But first…

A bed.

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  1. Sarah Johnson

    These are wonderful – I loved this entire event and the whole weekend.
    It was stellar, and I totally agree that The Leeker’s were just wonderful folk.


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