2011 Love on the Run PREVIEW!!!

So, are you the cynical type that thinks Valentine’s Day is just a trumped up hoax perpetuated by candy makers and florists?

Porridge Papers wants to change your mind. It’s time for their annual Love on the Run Valentine’s day event.

It’s the 4th year and the biggest event yet.

The concept is simple.  You go in.  You type a note.  Roll it up and put it in a bottle.  Porridge Papers (and volunteers) deliver your note on Valentine’s Day.  The typewriters you use to create your notes are antiques.  That’s a fancy way of saying that there’s no backspace, no Ctrl-Z, and heck, the letters might not even line up.  In other words, your note will be quirky and unique.

Best of all, this is 100%, absolutely, totally, positively FREE!

Yep.  Free.  Porridge Papers and everyone who helps support or sponsor it (including Studio Orange) donates to make this possible.

This year you’ll have three days to stop in.  They’ll be some events going on all weekend long.  Details can be found in the links above, but you can expect to find live music, food, and even photos.  The Leekers will be setting a photo booth for you to get silly and/or romantic in and yours truly will be wandering around taking photojournalist shots.

So stop on by.  Join in the fun.  Help us take back Valentine’s day back from clutches of commercialization!

Below are some of the irreverent, goofy and fun decorations and cards Porridge Papers has set the mood with:

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  1. very nice post! and great pics.

  2. Kim

    I just returned home from my 1st Love on the Run; it was so cool! These photos are fantastic. Wish I’d known about you when I got married.


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