2010 Retrospective – Part 9

Photo 9: Mallory and Tim, commitment ceremony
Taken on August 21, 2010

9 billion degrees of sticky hell.

That about describes August in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It may not be exactly like living on the surface of the sun, but that’s only because the sun is a dry heat.

Yet that didn’t stop Mallory and Tim from making the best of it and having fun with their formal shots just prior to their commitment ceremony.

Technically, we weren’t supposed to be in this location.  That always adds to the fun.  The threat of a trespassing ticket just adds to the romance.  Or something like that.

Everything about this shot makes it one of my favorites of the day.  I love the corrugated metal of the industrial bins.  The gravel road.  Mallory and Tim standing almost too far apart to kiss, but Tim leaning forward to make it work anyway.

This is the sort of fun couples should aspire to for their formal shots.

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