2010 Retrospective – Part 7

Photo 7: Morgan, Wyuka Cemetery
Taken on July 24, 2010

Morgan at Wyuka

She’s a bellydancer. If you follow my photos, then you know.

She’s a favorite model of mine.  Every few months we get together and have a blast shooting portraits of some sort or another.

We’ve both wanted to do a portrait session in Wyuka Cemetery for awhile now.  It’s the oldest cemetery in Lincoln. The visual awesome contained within is beyond compare in the city.

I was also wanting to experiment more with the world famous “Brenizer method” of panoramas.

It works like this:  Use a long lens.  You’ll be close to your subject, like head and shoulders.  Open that aperture wide.  Start shooting.  A lot.  Shoot, recompose, shoot, repeat.  You want to cover your entire model and some surroundings.  The background will be all crazy out of focus.  That’s exactly what you want. Combine your images in an editor like you would any other panorama.  Depending on how many images, your computer may catch fire.  At the very least, it may weep.

The result is a portrait with a razor small depth of field effect.

Or, more simply, the result is magic.

I lot of you may have seen this one already.  For those catching up, Morgan’s whispy outfit and the exaggerated background blur combined to make this a very ethereal image.

It was an instant favorite.  I must print it large one day.  Viewing it on a computer monitor doesn’t do it justice.

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  1. Ben

    Yeah, but you left out the best part! Tell them how many photos it took to make this one picture! What? Like…85?

  2. Don’t be absurd, Ben. 85 photos. Shyeah, right! It was more like 75, ok? That’s a sensible number. 85? Crazy talk.


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