2010 Retrospective – Part 4

Photo 4: Marcia and Jeremy – E-session
Taken on March 6, 2010

In my mind, photography and experimentation are synonymous.

Whether it’s trying something completely new, or just new to me, it’s the ability to experiment that keeps me passionate.

Even better is when I have some people willing to let me experiment on them.  Marcia and Jeremy were just such people, game for some “different” photos for their engagement session.

It turned out to be a good arrangement.

Marcia was pretty excited, but Jeremy had trepidations about this whole photography nonsense.  Rather, I think it was a bit of reluctance to be all mushy in front of a camera.  Understandable.

So, after the obligatory “mushy” shots, we went to the Capitol Building in Lincoln, Nebraska.  As in an indoor location, it can’t be beat.  Gothic.  Dramatic.  Elegant.  All in one building.

I talked Marcia up on to the ledge, assuring her that a fall wouldn’t kill her.  Probably.  Lights placed.  Jeremy in position.  Wait for tourists to pass.  Then snap away.

Photo geeks will recognize this as an “impossible” shot.  There’s no way the foreground and background can be in focus.  I admit to some post production trickery.  Two exposures combined.

For an engagement shot, this isn’t the most romantic photo I’ve ever taken.  That’s OK.  The purpose was served.  I got to play, and Jeremy got some cool, manly, dramatic shots.

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  1. Awesome stuff Robert. I’m enjoying your retrospective. Keep ’em coming!


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