2010 Retrospective – Part 3

Photo 3: “Porridge Papers 3rd Annual Love on the Run”
Taken on February 13, 2010

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  I know. Blasphemy.  I’m a wedding photographer, fer gossake!

Hear me out.  Romance, I’m all about.  I just think Valentine’s Day, like Christmas, has become too commercialized.

If anyone can change my cynical opinion, it’s Porridge Papers.  They are the most awesome little paper making and letterpress shop on the planet.  No lie.

And Porridge Papers will single-handedly save Valentine’s Day.

Here’s how:  Love on the Run.

You go in.  You find an open antique typewriter.  You compose a message for someone you care about.  The typewriter will fight you.  It’s older than you are.  Keys will jam.  Letters won’t line up.  There is no Ctrl-Z.  If you’re a perfectionist, this isn’t for you.  This is about quirky.  This is about thoughtfulness.  This is about clever.   Put your note in a bottle.  Write down the address.  Bottle goes in a cute little letterpressed box.  Done.

Then on Valentine’s Day, Porridge Papers volunteers race around town to deliver these messages.

Did I mention this is all done for free?  Amazing.

In addition to helping to deliver, I took photos of people composing their notes.  This one of a little boy intently typing his “love note” is my favorite.

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  1. great photo and such nice comments on our little event.


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