2010 Retrospective – Part 2

Photo 2: “Capitol in the Mist”
Taken on January 20, 2010

The winter of 2009 / 2010 in Lincoln, Nebraska was a particularly nasty one.  Snow dumped onto the city in the beginning of December and didn’t go away until spring.  Total accumulation was somewhere just shy of ridiculous.  Stupidly cold weather prevented anything from melting.  Insult added to injury.

For one strange week late in January the weather became even more insane.  A mix of warm and cold temperatures created some intensely foggy nights and mornings.  It was too great of an opportunity to miss.

My first stop was the Nebraska State Capitol Building.  This wasn’t by plan, but by convenience.  My destination was downtown, but the Capitol Building was on the way.  What the hell.

I wanted detail.  More than I could get with a single wide angle shot.  I’d had success with using my 50mm lens for panoramas before.  Why not now?  Six shots.  Three across, two down.  Six exposures for each shot.  The final image is huge.  Over 10,000 pixels wide.

The timing turned out to be perfect.   Had I been just a few minutes earlier, the fog wouldn’t have settled in yet.  Within about 20 minutes, it was so thick that you wouldn’t have been able to see the top of the building.

Once in a lifetime.

As an aside, this image is one of many of mine featured on the walls of the Capital City Grill and I’ve sold many prints of it.  You can buy a print, too.  Let me know.

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