2010 Retrospective – Part 10

Photo 10: Brody and Tsura
Taken on November 7, 2010

There was no question that one of the shots on this list would have to be of the new puppy, Tsura.  But which one?  I mean, I’m a photographer.  Taking pictures is what I do.  So I have a lot already of Tsura.  Picking just one?  Impossible.  I had to try.

When we first got Tsura, she was 9 weeks old.  She was so cute that I can’t be so cruel as to put one of those photos here.  Seriously.  The cute would melt your brain.  I can’t have that on my conscience.

So I chose a shot of her at around 5 months.  Still stupid cute.  Thing is though, I also took one of my other dog at the same time.  I couldn’t leave him out.  That means this is another cheat.  Two shots for the price of one.

On the right is Brody.

Want one word to describe him?  Here you go: goofball.

Brody is all gazelle legs and gigantic bat ears.  Those ears.  He hears conversations in China, I’m sure.  And about the legs?  He wasn’t built for the wood floors in my house.  Doesn’t stop him from racing for the door to make a new best friend when someone visits.  Brace yourself.  His brakes don’t work very well.

On the left is Tsura.  It’s a gypsy name that means “light of dawn.”  Tsura is doing her best to redefine it to mean “ridiculous.”

The most cruel thing to do to her is to make her lay down and be still.  She’ll manage for a second.  Then the tail twitches.  Then it’s swishing.  Then she’s Army crawling across the floor toward you.  “Still laying down, dad.  See?”

But for all of her energy, she’ll happily crawl up beside you and go to sleep.

Both of these shots were in the front yard. The light and colors were perfect.  I had to grab the camera.

Weird fact: my pets always seem to be test subjects for new gear.  This time it was the 85mm lens (on Brody – used the 135L on Tsura).

And that, folks, brings us to the end of this journey.  If you’ve been reading all of these, then thank you.  I had fun putting it together.  I plan to do it again next year.

Now, before I go, and in the spirit of every great television infomercial:  But wait!  There’s MORE!

Bonus shot:  “TK-817 has been wanting the Jedi Telescope for months, but sadly, Imperial payday isn’t until Friday.”
Taken on December 4, 2010

Strategic Air and Space Museum.  Ashland, Nebraska.  Home to planes, rockets, and… Imperial Stormtroopers?

I ventured up to the SAC museum to find that it had been overrun by the 501st Legion.  I would have had to instantly cut up my photography geek card had I missed this boon of awesome absurdity.

Great photos were everywhere.  Mine for the taking.  But my favorites were of a random Stormtrooper and his son shopping in the gift store.

Gas from Ashland to Lincoln and back:  About $3.50

Admission to SAC Museum:  $18.00

The sublime oddness of a Stormtrooper gazing longingly at a stack of Star Wars toys: PRICELESS

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