A Henna of a Night

Mallory proudly displaying her hand and chest designs.

Mallory proudly displaying her hand and chest designs.

Last night was a fun first for Studio Orange.  I had the opportunity to photo some henna work for a commitment ceremony.  (Incidentally, I’ll be shooting the ceremony, too, this Saturday.)

Henna is a form of temporary tattoo made from a plant.  The dried, milled and sifted leaves of the plant are combined into a paste which is then applied to the skin.  The paste dyes the skin, with the dye becoming darker the longer the paste is left on.  Once removed, the stain is left behind and will remain for several days to a couple of weeks (depending on the strength of the batch).

With careful application, very intricate designs can be made, as you can see here.

Pictured here is Mallory and what she was after was some fun designs to compliment her personality.  The application of the henna took several hours, with designs on her hands, chest, back and feet.

All in all, it was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity for non-conventional photo sessions.

Henna application by Samantha McCulloch.

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