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A multi-shot High Dynamic Range image of the supposedly haunted Gold Camp Road

A multi-shot High Dynamic Range image of the supposedly haunted Gold Camp Road

You may be asking yourself: “What the heck is this scenery photo doing on a web site about wedding and portrait photography?”

Fair enough.

I don’t just do portraits.  I love to photograph a wide variety of things, including landscapes.

The reason this particular landscape has found its way here is because there’s a bit of exciting news to go along with it:  It’s been published!  And there’s an interesting story behind it, too (at least I think it’s interesting).

I took this photo back in November of 2008 while on a trip to Colorado. For years, the Gold Camp Road has been closed, both due to legal battles and because some of the tunnels along the road were too unsafe and prone to collapse.  In fact, local legend has it that the road is haunted due to a tunnel collapsing on a school bus full of children back in 1988.  The story is untrue, but the ghost stories persist. Anyway, the road reopened and I had the opportunity to travel it and take some photos.

Shortly after posting the photo to my Flickr account, I was contacted by a guy telling me that he had written a book called Weird U.S. and was expanding the concept to include a “Weird” book for every state.  He wanted to use my Gold Camp Road photo for the Colorado book.  I agreed and also asked for a complimentary copy.

And that’s almost where the story ended, as this was roughly a year and a half ago and I almost completely forgot about it.

So, yesterday (May 11, 2010, for those keep score) I was sitting there working and I suddenly thought about the photo and the book. I literally wrote a note to myself to check their web site to see if the book was every published and they just forgot to send me my copy.

Then that evening, my phone rings. It’s my upstairs neighbor from the apartment I used to live in.  A package had just been delivered.  It’s the book.  The one I hadn’t thought about until just that very day.


So, go check it out!  You can find it on Amazon.

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